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Campaign Log or Newsletter

A web log is a great way for a candidate or campaign manager to comment on emerging issues. Use your blog as a candidate's newsletter, optionally open it to public comment. Blog comments automatically integrate with comments in other parts of the site. Add news or comments at any time from anywhere without intervention by a "webmaster" who may delay or change your message.

Blogging for Votes
Web logs make it easy for the candidate or the campaign to update the site frequently. Use the "blog" to comment on emerging issues, to rally support for an upcoming event, to report on events as they happen...

With Election Options, ANY BROWSER at ANY LOCATION is your point of contact. There's no need to go back to the office, to call the webmaster, or to hurdle other barriers to update the site. The candidate and the campaign are in complete control of the site's content.


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Not your basic Charlie Rangel site
For the $80,000 Congressman Charlie Rangel (D, NY) reportedly paid for his website in 2008, we would have thrown in the boss's car.

We pride ourselves on navigability, robustness and flexibility of design. Though all EO sites start from one of our templates, the constraints on theme are easily modified with built-in style sheet tools. From what we saw on TV we could have produced the Rangel, Jr., product in a few hours.

If your campaign needs a website that is up and running in minutes, beautiful in hours (in the eye of the beholder, of course) and full featured in days, contact us.

(BTW, in 2008 we maintained our record. No one using EO has ever lost an election.)
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