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Every EO site can have an FAQ page. Quickly and easily add Q&As, sort them, and choose various display options. Correct entries easily to clarify or expand answers. Each Q&A can be linked directly from anywhere in the site or in email.

Election Options Features

Divide your FAQ into sections. Easily sort the sections and the questions within sections.
Question: Is this an FAQ? Is it fully automated?
Answer: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. (A good politician tries to stay positive and reinforces the message by repetition.)
Question: Is an FAQ part of every site?
Answer: Yes. Just switch on the FAQ tool and create your questions and answers. Add or edit Q/A at any time.
Question: Does our site have to use these colors and this layout?
Answer: Of course not! See the Layouts section of the Gallery. Use a standard template, adapt one to your own needs, or make your own with help from the EO staff. Change colors of text, backgrounds, etc., easily with simple selections. Experienced site designers can quickly adapt the whole thing to fit your needs. EO designers are available to help.
Question: Can I change the appearance of the FAQ?

Note the indentation, boldface,  COLOR  and text style applied to this answer. Also note the position and boldness of other questions and answers. (You can View Source to see how we've done this.) Users of modern browsers will also see a container with curved corners and a nice shadow. Experienced designers can control the appearance of nearly every element of the FAQ and indeed of most other elements of the site, but you need not have such skills to produce a robust and informative site.

Question: Will our site look really cool?
Answer: That's the whole point: It's entirely up to you! More importantly, your site will not "lose" pages or content, and navigation and consistency of appearance are automatic.
Question: Will an Election Options site guarantee victory?
Answer: No free election is guaranteed, but we can say truthfully that since 2006 no candidate using one of our sites has lost.

Candidate Perspectives

Fun with "issues" confronting the people.
Question: Where do you stand on public transportation?
Answer: Near the door. Public transportation is an issue that moves many people. I can firmly state that I may support it.
Question: What about motherhood, apple pie and the flag?
Answer: I'm in favor of them all.


Question: Is Election Options the least expensive way to build a campaign site?
Answer: No, but we're also not the most expensive. We bring a balance of feature-rich sites and modest cost.

The most expensive campaign is the one that loses.

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