Election Options
Publishing, Platform, Positions, Propaganda?

Every Election Optionsâ„  site includes our Article List function to help you build newsletters, position papers and reports. Simplify public relations by sending constituents' links to news articles. Include a link to a PDF version of your statement or article. Easy!

Dunshee Campaign Chooses Election Options
The campaign switched from a hand-coded site to the powerful Sitemaker platform.
Oregon School Supporters Build Site
Oregon allows school districts to voluntarily increase local taxes. One group in Bend is using Election Options to build support for a special levy.
Light Tone of News Hides Serious Purpose
These stories show flexibility of Election Options sites.
Candidate Denies Vacillation on Whales
Announces strong second-term commitment to saving the whales.
Groundbreaking Provides Forum for Candidates
The candidate was present at the recent groundbreaking and commented on the importance of the new facilities in the community.
Candidate Addresses Supporters at Impromptu Meeting
The candidate spoke on pressing issues in the campaign, stressing hope voters would express concerns via the candidate's interactive web site.
Web Site to Promote Campaign, Deliver the Candidate's Message
The adoption of the Election Options web site system will accelerate the message of the candidate to the people and allow for effective, two-way communication.

photo courtesy Mill Creek Today.
Groundbreaking ceremony precedes speeches. All photos in this demonstration site are courtesy their owners and are for illustration only without regard for accompanying articles.

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