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Always on; doesn't break; performs as specified. Can your volunteer or local designer say the same?

Enjoy a professional site based on our sophisticated editing and content management tools, domain name administration and DNS, unlimited text pages, unlimited article lists (position papers) with unlimited news or blog articles and hundreds of images in the photo gallery. Optionally include audio-video content and support for "mash-ups" with other sites.

Publishing Packages

Our Basic Campaign package includes essential campaign features plus all the editing tools. Additional features may be added à la carte. Only $99 per month plus implementation. INFO

Our Standard Campaign content management package includes the Basic package plus additional interactive features. Only $199 per month plus implementation. INFO

Our Premium Campaign package includes the Standard package and adds audio-video support including podcasting. Only $299 per month. INFO

A la Carte: Purchase our Basic Campaign package and pay a competitive hourly rate for work we do on your site. We can do it all or train your campaign staff and come in only for highly technical matters.

Monthly fees are payable in advance for nine months. Storage and bandwidth charges may apply for high volume sites. Creative services are priced separately.

Creative Services

1. Quick Start package

We'll set up your account and link up your domain if selected*. We'll define a color scheme of your choice and (help you or) create a theme graphic for your site. Includes training for your editor. Typical turnaround three business days, longer in election seasons. Fee $695 to $995 depending on selected features.

2. Editorial Support (Writing, graphics...)

One of our talented editor-designers will edit the text and graphics of your site. You'll have the option to manage selected parts of the site yourself (e.g., the newsletter or image gallery). Take over as you become more proficient in use of the Editing Suite. Hourly and day rates are available, varying with the level of difficulty and sophistication required.. Editorial support is provided using a suitable combination of email, instant messaging and cooperative editing.

3. Enhanced Support (Special features and customization)

Enhanced support is only $125 per hour with a monthly minimum of five hours payable in advance. We'll bill you at the end of the month for extra time. Service includes telephone support; all other support is by online means. Enhanced support is typically ordered by users who want to extend the appearance features of the site or to have Election Options regularly help develop the site's content. If you expect to use our design team's help frequently this will save you money compared to our regular hourly creative-consulting fee. Prepaid services must be used within 30 days; post-hoc bills are payable net days.


Maximum productivity and maximum flow of information to constituents and voters is achieved when your own staff masters the editing tools. It's best if the Election Options team's participation in site maintenance is limited to training, technical support and quality assurance. We do NOT want to be a bottleneck, so training of your staff is our primary goal. This approach saves your campaign money and lets each of us do what we do best.


Why not sign up for free or cheap "hosting" somewhere else?

Spend your time communicating with voters, not building a website. Spend your money on signs, transportation, events..., not on your website.
No development cost
All the features are already built; you need only ask us to activate them.
No special staffing
You don't need a professional webmaster. Your campaign hits the ground running a few minutes after your order is processed. Just start adding content. You are not paying only for storage and bandwidth; our professionals can help avoid pitfalls that are costly in time, money and votes.
The usual turnaround time is one to three business days; add one day for donation setup.
No gatekeeper
There is no technical barrier or personnel bottleneck between you and your consituents.

Objections (We've heard 'em all.)


If you don't establish your own domain the site will respond to a URL similar to http://my.electionoptions.com/campaign_name.

Local designer-affiliates may offer services that use our technology. They are free to set their own fees for their creative services.

Bandwidth and storage fees may apply for large statewide or national campaigns that receive heavy utilization.
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