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Objections: But, but, but...
We've Heard 'em All
caricature of editor at comptuter screen (c) 2003 Clark IP.
We've heard'em all; we've listened. The answer is: Yes, we can! Graphic © 1996 Clark Internet Publishing Inc.
But we plan to wait until the campaign really starts before launching our site.
Your competition isn't waiting.
But I'm not sure we have the needed design skills.
That's why we're here, so you don't have to. We'll handle all the technical issues, train your editor, and manage all the back room processes. Think of us as you do your printer, without paper or ink.
But a local college kid is building our site in the dorm. It will be a just fine. He took a web design course. It will be free.
Thank you for visiting! We suggest you ask yourself whether a volunteer should control the most important switch in your information network. When your volunteer returns to school, takes a vacation, has a baby, gets bored, changes allegiance..., give us a call. EO is the product of years of development and extensive testing on numerous campaigns with differing requirements. The designers and technical staff brought over 50 years of publishing and business experience to the project. We got into this as a result of desperate calls from candidates whose sites had simply disappeared, along with their volunteers.
But none of your sample layouts looks like our campaign literature.
We work for you! Our design team can customize the screen layout for your publication at modest cost. Although certain database features will work the same way as other publications, the look and feel can be quite varied, and at a fraction of the cost of a unique design. The quickly growing set of standard layouts can appear very different once each campaign completes its theme graphics and other quasi-customization. And the amazing feature set and flexibility of the internal layouts lets you adapt appearance as the campaign develops. Finally, new features and layout options are added continuously by the EO team in response to client requests. Most become available to all users, further increasing the diversity of appearance.
But we had a quote for a custom site for our campaign that was several times as much. How can you do this?
Think: Economies of scale. It's because many EO publishers share the same equipment, Internet connections, staff and database manager for articles, graphics, and other processes. Since they don't all have to hire staff and buy servers and other machinery and software, they all benefit from reduced costs. AND it just gets better, because technical improvements and general upgrades to the system are provided FREE to current users.
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