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Fundraising Support Tools

We figure there's an outside chance you want to raise money for your campaign.

So we've made it easy. All you need is an email address (which comes with the service). Our default payment processor is PayPal, which can forward funds from credit card payments and electronic check directly to your bank account, including easy audit trails.

Or if you have a merchant (bank card processing) account of your own already, we can arrange to incorporate a link into your site.

We can make one or more of these services available on any Election Options site.

Parties and Interest Groups Take Note!

If your local or regional party organization needs a fundraising device, we have several.
  • Do-it-yourself web sites for all your party's candidates (not everyone has the time, tools or talent; let your staff provide this service to candidates)
  • Mailing list management to keep your supporters connected with outbound messages that complement your web site and bring people back.

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Your supporters can contribute by credit card or electronic check.
How much would you like to contribute?

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