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Are you a web designer with practiced, varied skills? Election Options, offers an opportunity to local webmasters to get involved in campaigns as a professional web services provider. You can develop web sites for local candidates and issue-oriented campaigns. You can easily support multiple campaigns. For most designers this is a more productive and lucrative approach than do-it-yourself methods.

As a Election Options affiliate you'll have a powerful tool for building and managing numerous browser-based web sites that your client campaigns can manage directly. Your own creativity will turn the standard templates into a wide array of individual designs. Each campaign will have its own "look and feel" while exhibiting flexibility of content, dynamic updating, and stability of performance that few individually created sites can achieve in such numbers.

Local designer/webmasters share in basic service revenue* to Election Options, and all design fees you charge are yours to keep - or to donate to your favorite campaign if you're volunteering or working for a political support organization. Certain minimal productivity standards apply to qualify for shared revenue.

This set of tools and site management lets you turn a few sites into many sites, quickly and reliably. Contact us today for details. Use the Help form; just provide your contact information and a link to a couple of sites you've previously designed.

Need Help? We have your back! Call if you cannot solve an editing or content management problem or if you need additional training. And because we discount all professional services to you, you can pass through any cost and make money even when we do the work!

Requirements: We'll look at your existing work and check your spelling and the integration and navigability of the sites. We're looking for logical site organization; we're not interested in flash and dash. You'll be producing dynamic, easily updated sites, and you'll be training the campaigns to do it themselves, letting you add clients quickly and without adding staff.

It's about empowerment. You can give the power of the 'net to campaigns and candidates in your community.

But couldn't I just...

Can you design and build better sites yourself using traditional code and test methods? Maybe, but you can't design dozens of turnkey sites every week and give the power of the Web to every candidate in town. Nor could you support them all from a single, convenient user interface.

This is not about uniqueness of design; it's about volume and delivery of service. If the latter meet your professional objectives, contact us.

* Basic service revenue does not include surcharges for storage and bandwidth.
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