Election Options
Light Tone of News Hides Serious Purpose

We're having fun teasing candidates on our own site, so that you can see the full range of tools available to candidates who use Election Options.

Of course, we know that your candidate would never flip-flop on issues or trivialize voter concerns. So we've given you the ability to announce events and accomplishments in the news, to stake out your positions, to let your constituents comment and contact you, to show in pictures the events of the campaign, to schedule events in a calendar, and to raise funds through online donations.

Since 2003, when the 'net-based fundraising of Howard Dean made the headlines, more campaigns have adopted Web strategies. You can take advantage of the same powerful medium. Contact an Election Options representative today!

(Webmaster: If you want to resell Election Options, contact us via the Help form. We'll get right back to you. With our underlying Sitemaker system you can build dozens of sites in the time it would normally take to make one. The powerful editing tools let you make each one unique. We share a part of the hosting, publishing and technical support revenue with you, and you keep ALL of the money you earn from editing sites.)
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