Election Options
Dunshee Campaign Chooses Election Options

graphic from dunshee campaign
Hans Dunshee's campaign for WA House of Representatives uses an Election Options site.
WWW.HANSDUNSHEE.COM is responding from Election Options after the campaign switched its web site to our servers this week.

An earlier site had all the usual problems of web site management, including a "gatekeeper" who had to be involved in the most minor of changes.

The Election Options system is based on Sitemaker by Clark Internet Publishing(SM). The Sitemaker platform automates news, photos, contacts and more. The campaign can manage all its online information using a simple, browser-based interface, and no significant technical (HTML) skill is needed for basic functions.

Conversion of the former site (approximately ten pages and several linked, downloadable files) was accomplished in about an hour by copying and pasting content. Content building, especially news, position papers, photos and event coverage can now be continuous and is entirely under control of the campaign, with Election Options performing only technical support and quality assurance.

To learn more about the Dunshee campaign, click the following link.
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